SAM Broadcasting


Radio broadcast like a professional, cYber 4 Media helps you start your own Internet Radio Station. We can assist with installation, training and even manage your streams for you. 

cYber 4 Media offers the following options:

  1. Join one of our current Radio Stations as a Disk Jockey
        (upon Show Approval cYber 4 Media can have you learning to setup and broadcast your own show in no time).
  2. You can partner with us (restrictions do apply)
        Lets plan a Radio Station Theme and jointly start the broadcast Live and Scheduled Audio tracks.
  3. Broadcast the way you want
        Purchase SAM from our Web Page and we can help you get set up and streaming audio in no time at all.

Licensed in Canada and the United States – cYber 4 Media assists you every step of the way.

SAM Broadcaster Pro software

  • Advanced audio processing with AGC
  • Windows software (Win XP to Windows 10)
  • Multiple player decks
  • Stream in multiple formats (AAC, aacPlus, AAC-HE, MP3, mp3PRO, Ogg and Windows Media)
  • Listener stats
  • SAM Reporter for advanced reporting
  • Website integration (HTML and PHP templates)
  • 3 working areas (desktops) 

SAM platform discounts
are available to you
through our licensing.

SAM Broadcaster Pro built-in advanced audio processor will make your station sound incredible! Features an equalizer, gated AGC, stereo expander, bass EQ, 5-band processor, 2-band processor and clipper. The multi-band processors contain a compressor, expander and limiter for each band.

Que the next song with Dual Deck. Automate your station to run 24/7, even if you are not there to manage it. Dual Deck players allow you to queue and position the next song while another song is playing – or let Auto DJ take care of it for you. Allows for professional sounding cross-fading between tracks. The cue channel allows you to preview the songs over headphones before you play it live to your audience.

SAM Broadcaster Pro’s smart cross-fader will automatically detect the very best point to start fading tracks, or you can manually specify the best point. The gap-killer will make sure there is no silence between tracks – ensuring uninterrupted streaming.

Get real-time statistics of how many listeners you have in total or on each relay. Instantly see if your listeners like what you are playing. View the higher listener counts so you know what your peak performances have been for the day to dial in your show’s performance based on audience response.

SAM Broadcaster Pro’s layout is totally configuarable so it can be set up to fit your style and needs. Have only the windows that you need active. You also have 3 working areas so that you do not need to force all windows into a single working area.

SAM Broadcaster Cloud

The next generation cloud software that is always online, even when you are not.

  • Always online cloud radio
  • Accessible from any browser
  • Free SAM Live-DJ windows software for live streaming
  • Stream in multiple formats with external relays (SHOUTcast v1 v2, Icecast v2)
  • Listener stats and reporting
  • Free players and widgets for your website including listener requests directly from your website! (easy copy/past code)
  • Streaming included
  • Easily manage multiple DJs, each with a free copy of SAM Live-DJ software





  • 1 Station
  • Live and Cloud streaming
  • 10GB Storage
  • 5 Additional DJs
  • 120 Listeners (up to 128kbps)
  • Web Widgets
  • Community and email support


Add SAM PRO Software
to any package for a
one-time fee of $99




  • 1 Station
  • Live and Cloud streaming
  • 30GB Storage
  • 5 Additional DJs
  • 120 Listeners (up to 128kbps)
  • Web Widgets
  • Community and email support
  • 2 External Relays



  • 3 Stations
  • Live and Cloud streaming
  • 50GB Storage
  • 15 Additional DJs
  • 120 Listeners (up to 128kbps)
  • Web Widgets
  • Community and email support
  • 4 External Relays
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Get started today with SAM Radio Broadcasting!

With SAM Broadcasting Pro you can begin broadcasting immediately. Contact us to get set up today.