Ms Stacey L Krenz

Investor and active in daily administration and operations of the company. Ms. Krenz, with her partner Mr Peter J Krenz developed and established the business model that is the foundation of NWCEG’s successful development and growth. 

Ms Stacey L Krenz manages company media, assets, and regulatory requirements. An Understanding of how to maintain, store and recall the data, allows for ease of recall when and where you need it. cYber $ Media provides clients options to select the software that is best suited to their needs. Ms Stacey L Krenz helps develop the right process flow to get data into the system in such a way that clients can access the data and manage their company’s business. Ms Stacey L Krenz is invested with her partner Mr Peter J Krenz into cYber 4 Media Inc to help clients manage the ever-increasing burden of media and data management. Contact Ms Stacey L Krenz for a free consult.