Brand Development
Being heard amid the roar of your competitor’s voices takes a clearly thought out plan. Let Cyber4Media make this critical part of your corporate presence a success.

Internet media:

Live, pre recorded/podcast video and audio. cYber 4 Media offers opportunity to stream via the internet Alternative Adult shows via our video and audio systems. Local, remote, anywhere there is a internet connection cYber 4 Media can broadcast your Adult show. Working with Calgary Lifestyles Inc. / Beauty & Mayhem Production Agency, the media production group, offers many services and opportunities using a camera and or a microphone. cYber 4 Media makes it simple.

  1. Simplicity in registration;
  2. Simplicity in broadcast equipment required;
  3. Internet streams that reach a broad audience base;
  4. Internet streams that are private.
We provide; Logos, Tag lines, Trade show graphics, Presentations, Templates for case studies, White papers, Brochures, Direct mail, E-mail newsletters, Flash movies and presentations, Newsletters, Podcasts, Posters, Webinars, and Corporate videos.

Web Development
Does your site pale in comparison to your competitors'? Do you cringe every time you log onto your site and gaze upon the dated logo, tired colors, saggy text and boring images? Do you need to create a new presence on the web? We are the solution for you!

We provide; Full Website design, Rebuilds and refreshes, Updates, Online Store Solutions, Search Engine Optimization, Graphical Improvements, Wordpress and Joomla site implementation.

Website Hosting
Looking for a custom hosting solution? Let Cyber4Media provide you with a comprehensive package that covers all your hosting needs.

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