Peter J Krenz: The President and CEO of Calgary Lifestyles Inc. Primary investor and active in daily operations of a social interaction and production company. Mr Krenz working with his associates has established and built the business model that these companies have used to become successful with. The same fundamentals will be established and followed with Cyber4Media.

Ms Stacey L Krenz: The Vice President and controller of Calgary Lifestyles Inc. Primary Investor and active in daily operations of a social interaction and production company. Ms Stacey Krenz currently maintains an active role in event planning, talent management, administrative, and accounting duties. Knowing the business of the social interaction and production company will provide for a stable foundation with Cyber4Media.

Richard Young: Mr Young is the Senior Technology manager with cYber 4 Media and Vice President of the Beauty & Mayhem Production Agency LLC Las Vegas Nevada. Experienced in ensuring that the technology being used is accessible and easy to use for the user. Continued monitoring of the availability of new technologies allows cYber 4 Media to offer the user a friendly internet media distribution experience.

Alice Young: Mrs Young experienced in Adult business management helping you establish the correct frame work to provide a solid foundation for your business to grow. Additionally services are provided in model grooming, makeup and wardrobe. Model image is important to the branding process, determining the right look is one of the primary elements to branding. Do not get in front of the camera without your signature look. Mrs Young will help you determine that look.